Aimee Clinton

Well-rounded. Faithful. Motivated.

Family Nurse Practitioner-Board Certified, Adirondack Medical Practice

Hometown: Ticonderoga, NY
Age: 27
Education: Doctorate of Nursing Practice, Binghamton University; BS, Nursing, Binghamton University; BA, Biology, Keuka College
Community Involvement: Due to recently relocating to the area my husband, Michael, and I are still getting accustomed to the area. We have not started any community programs, but are currently discussing possibilities

What’s your biggest professional success?

Becoming a Nurse Practitioner

What’s your dream job?

Nurse Practitioner

How do you maintain a work/life balance?

That is very hard in the medical field today. Not only do I work 40 hours a week seeing patients, but I am also on call. In addition, I have to do my best to keep up to date on current medical practices. I do my best to make sure that I am done with my work before I leave the office. That way in the evening and on the weekends, I can spend as much time with my family as possible. Our 17-month-old, Magnolia, keeps us on our toes.

What important lessons have you learned in your career?

The list is too long, that would require a novel!!

What’s the most exciting trend happening in the community right now?

Honestly, I am not up to date on the different trends in the community. I did tell my husband before we moved here that I would love to become an Adirondack 46er. That has not even started yet.

What would make the North Country a more enjoyable place to live and work?

Being here for the past six months after moving away for many years, you realize just how special the North Country is: you have lakes, mountains, the people, everything! There is just something so special and beautiful about being here. One thing that I am always looking for, being a young professional and having a young child, is family-oriented activities. There may already be activities for young professionals and their children, but I never know where to look to find such events.

Who is your mentor and what have you learned from him/her?

I’ve wanted to go into the medical field my whole life. My grandfather, William Vilardo, was Ticonderoga’s physician for many years. He passed away when I was two, but to this day I still hear the amazing stories from the individuals he helped and I knew that I wanted to help people the way he did. Alongside him, I had my mother, Alice Vilardo, a nurse, and my sister, Emily O’Connor, a nurse practitioner in Oncology; both have always inspired me and led me into the direction of nursing. Currently, my mentor is Anthony Politi, MD. He took me on as a new Nurse Practitioner. He is a smart man and has taught me and continues to teach me every day. We get along very well and oftentimes I feel it is due to our Italian backgrounds.

How do you contribute to the culture of your company?

I feel that I bring a newer, modern outlook of the medical profession as opposed to the senior, seasoned providers who have been established within the practice prior to my arrival.

What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Biggest risk? That’s a hard one. I’m not much of a risk taker. I did move away to get my education; however, everyone does that. I would say my biggest risk is going into the medical field. It might not seem as though it is a big risk, but I deal with risk day in and day out. With the ever-changing medical field, the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies making the biggest impact on how a provider can practice, that is enough of a risk. Every day I go home and I ask myself: Was that the right diagnosis? Was that the right drug? Did I miss anything? Should I have done this or have done that? Will the insurance company cover that test I ordered or will the patient be charged an arm and a leg for it? Will the insurance cover that medication I prescribed or will the patient stop taking the medication they need because they can’t afford it? In the medical field, there isn’t a day without risk.

What is something that no one would guess about you?

I love to play piano and can quack like Donald Duck

Write a brief note to your younger self…

As dad always says, “sprint to the finish.” All your hard work will pay off and you will do great things.