Andrea Clark

Positive. Determined. Confident.

Supply Chain Manager, Norsk Titanium

Hometown: Originally Berlin, Germany, but now Dannemora, NY
Age: 30
Education: BA, International Business, and MA, Industrial Sales and Innovation Management, HTW Berlin, University of Applied Sciences
Community Involvement: Member, North Country Connection Program, North Country Chamber of Commerce; participant in dance classes. I’m new to the North Country and am trying to find my way around, meet people, and find where I fit in in the community.

What’s your biggest professional success?

Since I graduated high school I’ve continuously worked in different countries in the world. Examples are Denmark, Sweden, Germany, USA, Thailand. In addition, I’ve so far always gotten any job I interviewed for.

What’s your dream job?

I love working in Supply Chain. However, my dream job if I could do anything I want is teaching business or supply chain at a high school or university. I would love to hand down some of the things I learned living and working abroad and teaching kids that there is no limit to what you can achieve.

How do you maintain a work/life balance?

I travel. It can be a small weekend or day trip or a longer vacation. At the same time, I try to be outdoors and meet with friends. I love my job and am available most of the time, but it’s important that when I meet with friends to just have a coffee and shut the phone of for a little bit.

What important lessons have you learned in your career?

You can achieve anything you want if you have determination and don’t let people say, “You won’t do it!” or “That doesn’t make sense.” or “You don’t have the experience to do that.” stop you. Setting your own goals and having the determination to make them happen is what gets you places.

What’s most exciting trend happening in the community right now?

The way people start seeing a positive outlook for this region. A lot of companies are moving into the region and people feel proud to be living here. Plattsburgh and the North Country are not just a small dot on the map anymore. The downtown revitalisation project helps make people feel proud of Plattsburgh.

What would make the North Country a more enjoyable place to live and work?

It would be nice to have more flights leaving Plattsburgh and some more entertainment here. A concert hall or of course more shopping. But I think the North country is a great place already for outdoor activities and the people here are great.

Who is your mentor and what have you learned from him/her?

My personal mentor is my older brother. He’s taught me what counts in life and that I should always take the more challenging way than the easy way! My professional mentors are the woman I work with. They have taught me the benefit confident and driven women can bring to the business world.

How do you contribute to the culture of your company?

We are an international company and I love to embrace the cultural differences. Being from Europe and living and working in the U.S. helps me to show people the positive and interesting fact about another culture. I also like to embrace a positive and collaborative work atmosphere. Team work regardless of hierarchy levels and different personalities.

What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Leaving my home country behind and moving to a country I had never been to before while not even speaking the language very well.

What is something that no one would guess about you?

I used to be a very shy child and high school student. I was afraid to raise my hand in class. Moving abroad has changed that about me and people now laugh at me when I say I used to be shy.

Write a brief note to your younger self…

Do not be afraid to take risks and never worry about what others think about you. Do what makes you happy. You can do it!!