May, 2022

By Garry Douglas Issue: May 2022 In the words of Peaches and Herb, “Reunited and it feels so good!” That’s how we have felt since April 1st when, instead of April Fool’s Day, we enjoyed REUNION DAY for Canadians and Americans generally kept in separation from one another since March 21, 2020. On that day, read more


May, 2022

By Colin Read Issue: May 2022 WHAT IS A BLOCKCHAIN? Think of a blockchain as a large Excel workbook that adds a new sheet of recent transactions a number of times each hour. Each new sheet contains a code to the previous block and all the most recent transactions or records. A program then assigns read more


May, 2022

Article & Photo by Mary Carpenter Issue: May 2022 The Fastenal story began in 1967 when Bob Kierlin, along with four friends, raised $30,000 and opened the first Fastenal store, a 1,000 square foot shop in his hometown of Winona, Minnesota. At the time it was the smallest of an estimated 10,000 fastener distributors in read more


May, 2022

By Justine Parkinson | Photo supplied Issue: May 2022 There has been a lot of talk about resilience and innovation in the last couple of years. As we cautiously round the corner from pandemic to endemic we are getting out a little more. During difficult times, some businesses were able to transition to a virtual read more

Sue Matton

May, 2022

by Michelle St . Onge | Photo Supplied Issue: May 2022 Hometown: Pittsburgh, PAFamily: Daughter and son-in law, two grandchildrenEducation: Certifications in Professional & Human Resources and Economic DevelopmentOccupation: Vice President for Economic Development, North Country Chamber of Commerce (NCCC)Community Involvement: Numerous local, regional and national boards focused on workforce and economic development Sue Matton read more


May, 2022

by Karen Hailson Bouvier | Photo By Jessica McCafferty Issue: May 2022 For fresh-baked rolls ready for honey cinnamon butter hot from the oven every five minutes, steaks chilled to 34 degrees (never frozen) cut by hand on the premises, made-from-scratch sides, salad dressings, and croutons — even the bacon bits are made fresh – read more


May, 2022

By Collin McCullough | Photo by Jessica McCafferty Issue: May 2022 Supply chain issues, a global pandemic, online retailers with advanced logistical capacity – these are just a few of the challenges facing traditional retailers in our time. And while most of us in the North Country do our best to shop locally and support read more


May, 2022

by Karen Hailson Bouvier | Photo by Ty Kretser Issue: May 2022 As we toured the gleaming, impeccably organized Fujitsu plant, Tammy Sherman, Senior Operations Manager, summarized the history of manufacturing at that location. Beginning at the facility in 1999 when it was Optimal Robotics, Sherman remained in management when Fujitsu acquired the operation in read more

Publisher’s View

May, 2022

Issue: May 2022 The turn of the 21st century brought with it remarkable innovations in technology – smartphones, flash drives, Skype, Google, the Human Genome Project, YouTube, Bluetooth, electric cars, and 3D printers to name a few. Now, as we look to the next decade and beyond, we have been told to expect even more read more


April, 2022

By Garry Douglas Issue: April 2022 It should come as no surprise that there are real shifts underway in the global and national economy, and that some of these must become factors in our regional economic development strategies and approaches. The transition to a “clean energy” economy is fully underway. And while most other areas read more