The Man Behind The Plan

November, 2015

As you travel up the winding driveway, past the manicured grounds and bucolic pond, and take in the commanding building exterior, the University of Vermont Health Network — Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital (CVPH) radiates comfort, security and safety. Keeping the hundreds of patients, staff and visitors who enter the main building, surrounding offices and medical read more

Health Emergency Plans

November, 2015

Most of us take some things for granted. Health is one of them, especially if we feel good. We’ve had our flu shots. We go to the doctor for checkups. We exercise and try to eat good foods. But, what if there were a widespread health crisis in our area? To find out, we visited read more

Disaster Planning At Northern Insuring Agency, Inc

November, 2015

Nobody likes to think of disaster befalling, whether it is personal or corporate. Flood, fire, natural disaster, data security breach, or even a personal tragedy can visit any of us at any moment. “Even if you know what to do when something goes wrong, it is still hard to handle,” Deena McCullough stated. “But having read more

Making Sure the Lines Are Always Open: Wells Communications

November, 2015

Coordinating emergency communication services during a record-breaking ice storm, installing and restoring emer- gency call boxes along the desolate areas of the Northway and assisting local authorities to communicate with over 1,300 law enforcement personnel during Prison Break 2015— the rain-drenched, three-week manhunt in remote Adirondack forest- land — show Wells Communications at its best. read more

Karen Stehlin

November, 2015

Karen Stehlin of the North Country Small Business Development Center Hometown: Greenlawn, New York Family: Husband Marty, two sons Martin (25) and Ryan (16) Education: Associate Degree in Business Administration SUNY Farmingdale, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing Management, New York Institute of Technology Karen Stehlin is a Long Island read more

Planning: Would Your Business Rise From the Ashes?

November, 2015

On a Saturday in July, Mary Anne Hawley left her store on Main Street in Lake Placid in the competent hands of her young employees to go home for a dinner break. When she returned a short time later, the building was on fire. In the end it was a total loss. “The emergency systems read more

Volunteers With a Plan

November, 2015

Hurricane Irene, in 2011, left the north Country with a renewed sense of what emergency preparedness menas. Her destruction hit communities, business and individuals with unimagined consequences and blew out of town leaving a gaping sense of vulnerability. “In the wake of the disaster, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) contacted me to put together a read more

Escape Crisis and Lessons Learned

November, 2015

On June 6, 2015, an otherwise pleasant day signaling the dawn of an Adirondack sum- mer, the Clinton County District Attorney’s Office was thrust into what would become the largest emergency it has ever dealt with. That sunny Saturday began a three-week manhunt that received national and even international media attention and involved a coordination read more

November 2015

November, 2015

Anyone who was living in the North Country during the Ice Storm of 1998 has powerful memories of that time. Dealing with issues many of us had never considered was certainly a wakeup call. In this issue of Strictly Business we bring you the stories of people, businesses and agencies that have faced adversities and read more

October 2015

October, 2015

There was a time when our economy drew its strength from manufacturing. Jobs were plentiful, but since 1980 the number of U.S. manufacturing jobs has decreased (although not here in the North Country) and the number of service jobs has increased. Today our economy and, for that matter the world’s economy, is increasingly a service read more