January 2016

January, 2016

or the first time in 26 years I did not attend the Strictly Business Forum held in December of 2015. Recovery from surgery kept me away, but the event went on without a hitch. The participants were as insightful and enthusiastic as ever. The moderators kept the conversations moving and we now have a great read more

Chamber Wise – A New Year and an Updated Agenda

December, 2015

Each year, the board and management staff of the North Country Chamber engage in a Strategic Planning Retreat, assessing our progress over the past year, looking at changing needs and opportuni- ties, and developing refined strategies and a comprehensive business plan for the year ahead. This year’s retreat was held in Lake Placid in November, read more

Personnel: An Essential Building Block for Strong Businesses

December, 2015

It’s impossible to discuss business in the North Country without the topic of workforce development creeping into the conversation. The economy is recovering, businesses are moving here from other regions, start-ups are up, and the manufacturing sector is growing. With all of these exciting developments, the conversation always turns to the challenges of staffing in read more

The Impact of Buy America on Clinton County

December, 2015

The presence of Bombardier and Nova Bus are the face of Buy America in our community. Buy America has many different statutory foundations as well as colloquial meaning. It first came to life in the “Buy America Act” (1933). In 1979, the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) that provided for a system of exemptions became law. read more

Help From High Places

December, 2015

Angel investor: Someone who provides financial backing for startups or entrepreneurs. The capital they provide can be a one-time injection of seed money or ongoing support to carry the company through difficult times. Angel investors give more favorable terms than other lenders because they are focused on helping the business succeed rather than reaping a read more

Not Just Nuts and Bolts

December, 2015

PRE-TECH PRECISION For over a hundred years, the tiny ham- let of Mineville, New York played a vital role in industry that reverberated outside its immediate region. Ore was discovered there in the early 1800s, and first the Witherbee- Sherman Company and later Republic Steel ran the mine there until it closed in 1971. Railroad read more

The Boat of the Future: Procat 320

December, 2015

ProCat U.S., owned by Magguy Thibodeau and Michel Pachiaudo, has begun to produce the ProCat 320, a catamaran work boat that is more than a redesign of a classic vessel. It is a fiber- glass symbol of how perfectly applied vision can spur an innovative business, stimulate economic growth in a North Country village and read more

Fred Smith

December, 2015

Current Position: Interim President, Clinton Community College Hometown: Evans Mills, New York Education: B.S. in Accounting from SUNY Albany; M.B.A. from Syracuse University Civic involvement: Honorary Rotarian, Board of Directors service to various organizations including Lake Forest and the Plattsburgh Old Base Memorial Chapel Fred Smith personifies the adage, “The reward for good work is read more


December, 2015

Einstein has been quoted as saying, “In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.” The owners of Nomad Airstream, a full service Airstream travel trailer customization and ser- vice company based in Plattsburgh, NY, can relate. The story of Nomad president Steven Clement and CEO Guillaume Langevin is one of small serendipities, enormous challenges and more read more

Jewels of the North Country

December, 2015

Perry Sporn started selling jewelry in New York City to pay his college tuition and opened his first jewelry store in Saratoga Springs in the early 1980s. Today Sporn has 20 stores and 550 employees throughout the Northeast and Quebec. After selling national brand jewelry made all over the world, Sporn was inspired to create read more