November 2015

November, 2015

Anyone who was living in the North Country during the Ice Storm of 1998 has powerful memories of that time. Dealing with issues many of us had never considered was certainly a wakeup call. In this issue of Strictly Business we bring you the stories of people, businesses and agencies that have faced adversities and read more

October 2015

October, 2015

There was a time when our economy drew its strength from manufacturing. Jobs were plentiful, but since 1980 the number of U.S. manufacturing jobs has decreased (although not here in the North Country) and the number of service jobs has increased. Today our economy and, for that matter the world’s economy, is increasingly a service read more

Rod Giltz

October, 2015

By every measure, Rod Giltz has successfully navigated his family business to become a thriving and respected resource and service for local businesses. A lifetime of hard work, professionalism and commitment to giving back to his community has positioned him well to kick back and retire (or put the pedal to the metal in his read more

Millennials and New Graduates

October, 2015

In any conversation about the future of the North Country economy, sooner or later you will hear of the importance of being attractive to “millennials”, defined as the generation that reached young adulthood around 2000, and the future ability to retain more of the graduates of our North Country universities. Well, two recent bits of read more

A Jack of All Trades and Master of Most

October, 2015

e’s in the air. He’s on the ground. He’s everywhere. Superman? No, it’s John Wheeler, owner of Commercial Site Services, Inc. I’m not sure if he’s faster than a speeding bullet, but he’s darn fast and a self-proclaimed workaholic. Wheeler can do just about anything your site and buildings require, including electrical and plumbing repairs, read more

A Powerful Passion

October, 2015

There is no doubt that Ed Woltner has a passion for energy efficiency. The only question is, did his business, Summit Contracting, fuel his passion or was it the other way around? Either way, listening to Woltner talk about energy loss in any type of structure is like watching a symphony performed by the composer—a read more

Even at 20 Below, Get Those Red Hots To Go!

October, 2015

Steve and Mic Farrell have owned McSweeney’s Red Hots for 25 years this summer. “It’s interesting,” Steve noted, “that our very first ‘restaurant’ was actually at the Clinton County Fair in 1990. Now we have three locations, and we are still going back to run the original food booth.” The Farrells were offered the opportunity read more

Employment Medical Testing

October, 2015

More and more companies are doing it even though they don’t have to,” said Nancy Sucharski. “There are not many companies in this area that do not require pre-employment drug testing.” Sucharski saw the need eleven years ago when she founded Industrial Med Testing with business partner Howard Ritz, P.A. “I was an x-ray technician read more

Man with a Plan

October, 2015

Roger Rock’s customers will tell you that he offers superior service. He also understands the benefit of being flexible in a changing economy, which makes him a very smart service provider. Rock’s early years were spent in construction, building log cabins and homes in the 1990’s when the industry was thriving. When the recession put read more

Big Business in a Small Town

October, 2015

First coined during World War II, the term logistics referred to the branch of military operations dealing with the procurement, movement, supply, and evacuation of equipment and personnel whether by ship, truck, train, or airplane. Organizing a safe and timely logistical operation, especially across the globe, required attention to countless important details, the ability to read more