August 2017

No matter what industry you are in, change is necessary if you are going to keep up in an evolving business world. Whether it is change in the products or services you offer; in your technology, your staff, or your physical plant, change is in your future.

In this issue of Strictly Business we have focused on companies that have embraced change, dealt with the disruption it can cause and the stress it can create, and have come out the other side, more productive than ever.

Our cover article features Plattco, a 120-year old industrial valve manufacturer in Plattsburgh that has under gone impressive change. Under the leadership of CEO Doug Crozier, Plattco has created an executive management team that combines experience, tenure and “tribal knowledge” with energy and talent to produce world-class products.

If you are a beer drinker (or even if you’re not) you will find our article about Country Malt Group in Champlain interesting. Started as a small family business in the founder’s back yard, this supplier to craft breweries throughout the U.S. is a success story you won’t want to miss.

WoodmenLife, established in 1890, has never lost sight of its original mission and yet has evolved to meet the needs of the 21st century. WoodmenLife manager, Tim Gonyo and staff are now in a new location in Plattsburgh, at the top of Boynton Avenue, ready to help clients navigate their way through insurance and financial products and continue their commitment to our community.

Once again Attorney Jackie Kelleher shares her expertise with SB readers. This time she explains the new New York State Paid Family Leave Act. This law, which goes into effect on January 1, 2018, will impact each business, regardless of the number of employees. Read part one of Jackie’s article in this issue.

This month our BEST PRACTICES writer, Michelle St. Onge, spoke with Reg Carter of CITEC to get his take on organizational change which he described as a “constant continuum”. Make sure to review Reg’s Strategies for Successful Change Management.

And then there is this month’s Insight article featuring Tammy Sherman, Senior Operations Manager of Fujitsu, a point of sale manufacturing company located on Route 3 in Plattsburgh. You will find her views on work life and success thought-provoking, her dedication inspiring and her love of motorcycles appealing.

I met Jim Morgan of AHI recently and couldn’t decide who was more interesting, him or his chocolate lab who fetched me a bottle of water from the company refrigerator. Jim has been quietly building a chain of imaging locations (four in all) and prides himself on high quality, quick service at amazing prices. Read about Jim’s success in this issue.

Garry Douglas wraps us up with a celebration of North County accomplishments and a request for support for Clinton Community College (CCC) as it move into a new phase with its Institute for Advanced Manufacturing. CCC has played an important role in training our workforce for decades and is poised to up its game with the opening of the Institute. And that will be good for business.