August 2019

In this issue of Strictly Business we take a look at companies in the service sector of the North Country’s economy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics service has been the country’s main source of employment and output during the past decade.

Our cover article features Taylor Rental, which started as an equipment rental company but then expanded to include sales and rental for everything from paper clips to excavators. Taylor recently opened a new location on Hammond Lane for their party rentals and commercial business sales. They offer landscaping materials from another spot on Route 3 as well as sales and services from a location in Saranac Lake.

Golden’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is now in its third generation of ownership. Gretchen and Justin Rabideau are carrying on a more than 50-year tradition that has made the company a go-to service provider in the area.

As a property owner, at some point, you are likely to need the services of a company like KAS, Inc. for an environmental site assessment, contaminated site review, construction management, compliance training, or asbestos testing. They have the training and skills to take on the job.

Our next two article also feature long term North Country businesses. Ray’s Appliance in Rouses Point is the kind of company that sells a product and then stands behind it with an old-fashioned commitment to service. Three generations; Ray Duprey, Ray Guay and Robert Guay, are still living up to the high standards established decades ago.

Kevin Broderick is also carrying on his family’s tradition. The second-generation owner of Plattsburgh Spring, located at the intersection of U.S. Avenue and South Peru Street in the city’s south end, offers almost everything you could need for a vehicle along with first rate service.

I didn’t know what a professional climbing arborist was until I read our article about Steve Frazier and Arbor-Ops. From pruning to tree removal to maintaining the beauty, health and safety of your trees, Arbor-Ops can do it all.

And then there is our Insight interview with Steve Moore, a co-owner of Condo Pharmacy in Plattsburgh and president- elect of the New York State Pharmacy Society. Condo’s is a small pharmacy that competes favorably with the many chain pharmacies in the area. Its success is a direct result of the skill and leadership of Moore.

As always, Garry Douglas wraps up our issue with a review of what the North Country Chamber of Commerce is doing for area small businesses. His report on the top challenges reported by local business makes for good reading.

In the last century manufacturing companies were the backbone of our economy. While manufacturing is still critically important today, especially in our area—service businesses and the number of jobs they represent have taken over first place. We appreciate their increasing importance and welcome the growth in the service sector.

… and that’s good for business.