Enabling Industry

Whether students are recent high school graduates taking the local, practical path to a four-year degree, urban-born co-eds seeking an affordable college experience away from home, or non-traditional adult learners working towards a better life for themselves and their families, Clinton Point Drive is a road to success. There’s always something just a little bit read more

John L. Schenkel, M.D

Hometown: Berkeley, CA Occupation: Psychiatrist, semi-retired Family: Wife, Sharon of 16+ years. John has three grown daughters; Sharon has two grown sons Education: Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Entomology from University of California-Davis, M.D. from University of California-San Diego After a long and successful career in psychiatry that stretched from California to Oregon to Plattsburgh, read more

The Strong Silent Type

When the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing at Clinton Community College opens to students this fall, many of Jeffords Steel’s contributions to the building will no longer be visible. Jeffords rebar reinforces the concrete foundations of the building, and tons of structural steel fabricated at the company form the facility’s skeletal support. That’s the thing with read more

Building Better (Next-Gen) Builders

The Champlain Valley Transportation Museum (CVTM) hosts a yearly, student-run program that focuses on robotics, microprocessor development, team building, and leadership. Right here in Plattsburgh there are teams of kids building robots to compete on the state, national and international level and they’re doing it quite successfully. Justin Collins, a former high school Science Olympiad read more

Reaching for New Heights

This is an historic year in the evolution of the former aviation assets of Plattsburgh Air Force Base, now taking major new steps toward the next level of opportunity as “Plattsburgh International Airport: Montreal’s U.S. Airport and Aerospace Park.” The development of this aviation asset has drawn curiosity and attention from across North America, having read more