Boire Benner Group was given an amazing honor earlier this year. The North Country Chamber of Commerce announced their group “Small Business of the Year.” Winning this award was a special moment for the Group. They knew they couldn’t have won the award without the support of local businesses and the community as a whole; they are so thankful to everyone involved because it meant so much to their group.

So, it only made sense for them to celebrate by giving back and supporting the future of The Adirondack Coast, the region that made their business’ success possible, in the form of The Believe Project.

The Believe Project’s focus is promoting programs that help area youth, connecting with them so they can realize their unlimited potential and discover their path in life.

Chris Boire, the founder of the group, received direction in high school from career advisors who presented an option he had never thought of before — graphic designer. He went to Colby-Sawyer College and developed his gift for design. Boire Benner Group is celebrating 15 years in business, but it might not have existed if Boire hadn’t received the guidance he did when he was young. That kind of direction and belief is what they look to cultivate with the project. A marketing company takes a great deal of diverse talent to bring a client’s story to life. Boire Benner Group hopes one day the Believe campaign will be part of developing a future member of its own group.

“Every young mind has a gift,” Boire said. “It’s vital that we not only acknowledge that, but work to find out what that gift is and help each child develop it. “They need to be given a chance to believe in themselves, to believe they are truly capable of anything.”

The Adirondack Coast is on the verge of amazing growth. We need to attract new talent and invest in the talent we have to foster this growth. With your support, programs like ADK P-Tech, CV-TEC, CVTM Robotics, Nexus, Ted K. Center and Upward Bound will help advance that talent. We can all help support this young talent by purchasing a Believe or Adirondack Coast shirt, sticker, or tote bag. You can also donate. All proceeds are being divided amongst the aforementioned local programs.

Aaron Benner explained, “By helping youth in a community, you ultimately help the community itself. Reaching and nurturing those young minds in turn creates a more diverse and educated society. This is what we have to do and the challenge we face. This is where we want to help make a difference, and we want others to join us!”

This project is essential in the success of our area’s future. Boire Benner Group is excited about the next step The Believe Project is able to take because of continued community support and collaboration. See more information about The Believe Project and get involved at