Ben Bradford


Affectionately known as the Swiss Army Knife of Della Honda, Ben Bradford has spent the 16 happiest years of his life as a dedicated company team member. He is a Gold Master Sales Consultant, representing the top 10% of all Honda consultants. Bradford has a love and commitment to the North Country, focused mostly on the Adirondack Mountains. On a whim, he would be the guy to trek 100 miles into the Adirondack wilderness. He has the miles, experience, and passion — with a side of crazy — to accomplish such a feat.

Current Business & Job Title: DELLA Honda. Sales consultant
Age: 38
Education: High school graduate
Community Involvement: 46er Trailhead Steward; Board Member, Adirondack 46ers

What are you doing to make a difference in your community?
In the summer months I volunteer as a 46er Trailhead Steward, educating visitors at the Cascade/Porter trailhead about the Leave No Trace principles as well as hiking etiquette. Our work has had a huge impact on the most popular trail in the Adirondacks. Hiker numbers are still high, but waste and trail damages have been noticeably decreased in the three years we have been present. Being a 46er Trailhead Steward is my way of giving back to the mountains we all love and helping others along the way.

What’s the single most important characteristic for success?
Keep your head up! Never let the lows keep you down. Learn from them and find the positive in them rather than dwell on the bad.

How do you contribute to the culture of your company?
I like to think that my positive outlook and vibrant personality are contagious for our team. DELLA Honda has always been known for our warm and inviting atmosphere. You can feel the positive energy when you walk in.

How has COVID-19 impacted you professionally and personally? What are you doing differently?
Where do we start? COVID-19 has certainly turned everything topsy-turvy. I am learning to adapt well to this ‘new normal’ and it appears that everyone else is as well. I have worked with the majority of my customers remotely using all of the technology available to help them spend the least amount of time physically in the store.

What important lesson have you learned in your career?
Never judge a book by its cover.

What’s your dream job?
It’s no surprise that I love what I do. Every day I get to meet new people, face new challenges and celebrate new accomplishments.

What is your biggest professional success?
Reaching Gold Master level with Honda Council of Sales Leadership. Gold Master sales consultants represent the top 10% of Honda sales consultants nationally.

What is something no one would guess about you?
Customers, unknowing of my fondness of being in nature, have often said, “You don’t look like you’d play in the dirt.” One customer even went to the extent of dabbing a small bit of mud on my hand to see how I’d react. I suppose you could say that there are two Ben’s. The one at work appears as if he’d be afraid of a little dirt, and the one outside of the office playing in the mud.

Write a note to your younger self…..
Dear Ben 2000, I’m writing you from the year 2020. Can you believe it? 2020! You are graduating high school right now and headed off into the adult world. I just want to say, don’t worry. In just a few short years you’re going to find yourself starting a fantastic career and you will be a huge success! It’s not far off, so go out there and have some fun kiddo!