Bryce Hanson


Hometown: Jamestown, NY

Age: 26 Education: BS, Elmira College

Community Involvement: North Country Youth Hockey

Bryce Hanson didn’t have a job when he came to the North Country in 2014, but it didn’t take him long. He started out as a substitute teacher and when an opportunity to join Enterprise Rent-A-Car presented itself, he became an assistant manager. It was there that his ability to attract and retain clients was recognized, paving the way for his move to a new industry that requires the kind of self motivation and discipline Bryce exudes – insurance.

What’s the single most important characteristic for success?

Self-Awareness. Own what you are great at, understand/accept your weaknesses. This is the gateway towards accomplishing great things.

What’s your biggest professional success?

THIS! As I am still relatively new in my career with Northern Insuring I have had wins along the way, but this recognition tops the charts so far!

What important lesson have you learned in your career?

Be yourself, unapologetically. When you know exactly who you are and get comfortable with that person it allows you to confidentially shift your focus on to the person across the table from you or the project on which you are working.

What is the most exciting trend happening in the community right now?

Revitalization efforts in the downtown area. Focusing on increasing foot-traffic builds interest in “our own back yard” and in doing so the excitement and pride that builds is contagious and captivating.

What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Moving to the North Country. My wife and I were expecting our first child so as soon as I finished my last final at Elmira College, I packed the car and drove straight to Mooers, NY. I had no job and things were still up in the air. I just made the move believing we would be able to figure it all out once we got here.

Write a note to your younger self…

Wake up every morning ready to take control of your day. Have some fun. You only get one go around at this life. 400 trillion to 1 – those are the odds of being born a human, do something amazing with it.