Building a Business by Educating

There is nothing more powerful than a single mom raising two kids trying to financially provide for her family. Twenty-three years ago, that is where Lisa Brown found herself. Her government job would not allow her the freedom to work around her children’s schedules, so she decided to take control of something she was passionate about – technology! She had firsthand experience with technology companies doing a terrible job at providing service and knew she could do it better. That is when CST Group Inc. was born.

A PROACTIVE technology management firm that specializes in helping compliance driven industries to secure, protect and manage their technology. CST Group takes pride in high service levels and transparency. They believe that great technology decisions can only be done with education and information.

In 2004, she married her childhood sweetheart, Shawn, making CST Group both a woman-owned and veteran-owned business. They have offices in Northern New York and Southwest Florida and clients up and down the east coast. The Browns, along with their team of 6 experienced IT professionals believe in educating their clients and not hard selling. ”Passionate NOT pushy” is how Brown puts it. ”I am NOT a salesperson; we focus more on compliance and making sure all small businesses get the support they deserve with the compliance they need.”

For the last five years, CST has averaged a 31% growth rate, which is unheard of in the IT industry. “Companies are realizing that technology is a part of their operations and must be stable. We now have compliance requirements from the state and federal government and insurance companies are insisting on cyber security requirements to obtain cyber liability insurance. Hackers are getting smarter, and AI is playing a bigger role in cybercrimes resulting in businesses paying more attention to make sure their IT systems are secure.” says Brown.

If you’re curious about your technology and cyber security strategy meeting your needs, CST Group is available to discuss your business. Call (518) 483-4100 to book a
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