Major Changes to New York’s Harassment Laws Make Administrative Claims More Likely

On Monday, August 12, 2019, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a major expansion of the state’s workplace harassment and anti-discrimination laws. The amendments continue to expand employer obligations to prevent and prohibit all forms of harassment based on protected characteristics. The mandatory sexual harassment and discrimination training, together with headline news around the country read more

New York is an At-Will Employment State: True or False ?

If you answered true to the above question, you are correct. If you answered false to the above question, you are correct in all meaningful respects. The best answer to the question is: Both of the above. Historically, employment relationships were a voluntary relationship, which either party could end at will. Only when people entered read more

Cyber Security

According to a recent publication by the National Small Business Association, 44 percent of small businesses reported being a victim of a cyber attack. In our increasingly online and mobile environment it is no surprise that our daily routines create an abundance of personal and business-related data just waiting to be abducted for criminal use. read more

Does Caring for Aging Parents Mean Becoming a Small Business?

Recently, a friend asked some questions about employing in-home help for her elderly parents. The family wanted to do everything in compliance with state and federal tax and employment laws, and she asked me to look over her questions. Little did I suspect that finding the answers the question “How to employ help for your read more