Yes, Virginia, New York Is An At-Will Employment State

In last month’s issue, we looked at the
proliferation of “protected statuses”
which have greatly increased the ability of employees to go to an administrative
agency such as the Division of Human Rights
(DHR) or the Equal Employment Opportunity
Commission (EEOC) and complain that they
have been discriminated against based on one
of these protected statuses. What exactly are
these protected statuses? In read more

Beyond Business

As spring commits to the North Country and we begin to come out of our seasonal slumber we anticipate several sunny celebrations. Mother’s Day and prom season give way to Dad’s and grad’s celebrations in the month of June. Enthusiasm runs high, but few North Country residents embrace this time of year more than the read more

The Alice T. Miner Colonial Revival Museum: It Began With A Gift of Porcelain

“This museum is a time capsule of what people in the early 20th century thought was worth preserving,” said Ellen Adams, director and curator of the Alice T. Miner Museum in Chazy. “Alice could have created a traditional museum—putting objects in glass cases—but she was in tune with what was happening in other museums at read more

New York is an At-Will Employment State: True or False ?

If you answered true to the above question, you are correct. If you answered false to the above question, you are correct in all meaningful respects. The best answer to the question is: Both of the above. Historically, employment relationships were a voluntary relationship, which either party could end at will. Only when people entered read more

Stepping Ahead Into History: The Historic Hotel Saranac Re-Opens Its Doors

The lights of the iconic Hotel Saranac sign are burning brightly these days. A gleaming replica of the original sign shines like a beacon atop the newly renovated hotel, welcoming all to come experience the grandeur of days gone by. The newly reopened building on Main Street overlooks downtown Saranac Lake, NY. Its lights once read more