See how they grow

Most apple varieties or cultivars are propagated by grafting. Grafting is the process by which two plants are blended together. One is selected for it is hearty root stock (the part that lives under the earth, the foundation of the plant). The other part of the graft is the scion. The scion gives rise to read more

Where good things grow

Sustainable by definition means able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed. Sustainable may well be today’s agriculture buzzword. The discussions about sustainability in relation to farming span the scope of simply adjusting lifestyles to conserve natural resources, to examining whether or not 100% sustainability is even achievable in an open system. read more

Selling Yourself Across the Border

We have seen a substantial uptick in issues related to intra- company/transfer pricing (Canadian “Parent” to U.S. “Subsidiary”) or to use U.S. Customs parlance “what constitutes a bona fide sale”. A recent DHS headquarters decision, H263559 RMC (“Decision”), addresses this issue. This particular Decision found that the information provided by the Parent and Subsidiary to read more