Ellen Silverman

Strictly Business awards a scholarship to a resident of Clinton, Essex or Franklin County who is a full-time student in SUNY Plattsburgh’s School of Business & Economics. The 2017 winner of the scholarship is Ellen Silverman, a rising senior who is triple major- ing in Accounting, Business Administration, and Management Information Systems. Born in Peru, read more

Extending a Mental Health Lifeline

Many Strictly Business readers will recognize Bonnie Black as a frequent contributor on topics related to human resources and employee well-being. As director of Behavioral Health Services North’s (BHSN) Employee Assistance Services, she works with 160 businesses and organizations in the Tri-County area to pro- vide support services for employees experiencing personal problems that affect read more

The Year In Review: Employment Law

The year 2016 brought major developments in employment law. Many of the headline-grabbing developments came out of federal agencies, most of which are now called into question with the looming change in administration in Washington. However, there have also been a number of important developments at the state level, which are likely to be challenges read more

Upcoming Legal Changes May Result in Salary Compression

With the new requirement raising most exempt employees’ minimum salaries to $47,476 per year beginning December 1, and the NY minimum wage going to $9.70 an hour beginning December 31, wage compression is becoming a real concern to companies throughout the region. Suddenly, New York employers are facing serious salary compression, where employees in lower-level read more