December 2018

Check the internet for information about the longevity of small business start-ups and you will find an estimate that says approximately 50% will still be in operation in five years. While that is a daunting stat the desire to start your own business and be your own boss is still alive and well. In this issue of Strictly Business we look at North Country entrepreneurs who have taken the plunge.

Our cover article introduces Brian McBride and lifelong friend Greg Dew who are flying high with their start-up, Northeast Geospatial. Utilizing drone technology for an amazing range of applications the two are partnering with other area businesses to provide services at a faster pace and lower rate.

If you think there aren’t enough hours in the day just take a look at what Ryan and Lindsay Campagna are accomplishing at Highland Vineyards. The two are full-time teachers, parents of two young children and yet the impact they are having on the Keeseville area is an inspiration.

When Dennis St. Dennis realized retirement wasn’t for him, he did his research and embarked on a new career. Saint D Mobile Wash and Detail fills an unmet need in northeastern New York and Vermont and keeps Dennis challenged and happy.

If you are thinking it is time to commit to a healthier routine that includes regular exercise you might want to check out JS Fit in downtown Plattsburgh. Run by husband and wife team Jen and Steve Galietta the studio offers programs for people of all ages and all fitness levels in what they describe as a “family atmosphere”.

The Adirondack Breathe Easy Salt Cave on the Bear Swamp Road in Peru, designed and built by Jessica Gamble and John Hugues, offers therapy that been practiced in Europe for more than 150 years and for centuries in the Himalayas. Real estate is in Zach Latinville’s blood but it is only recently that he made it his full-time commitment. Check out his story and you will learn how he is using his unique talents to add value to his start-up, The Z Group.

Fred Tuller learned that sometimes saying, “No!” is the best answer. After more than a decade operating as A One Oil Tuller turned down an offer from his new landlords and, rather than closing a door, it led him to a new beginning. Read his “West Side Story” in this issue of SB.

When Dan Paquin and John Whiteman learned they shared a hobby that led to an interesting start-up on the former PAFB that produces distilled liquor for what they call their ”blue-collar” clientele. How they do it is a fascinating read. This month’s Insight feature introduces Linda Carela, the Executive Director of Literacy Volunteers of Clinton County. Linda left a comfortable life in New York City to take on a new challenge and we are grateful to have her here in the North Country.

And then Garry Douglas wraps up this issue of SB with news about area unemployment and what employers need to do to prosper in these times.

The North Country produces hardy people and determined business owners. The start-ups featured in this issue of Strictly Business are ready for what success will require… and that’s good for business.