Like many inspirations, the name, Adirondack 1892, came to business partners Shon Parker and Tim Coughlin more than ten years before it became a reality. As Coughlin described it, “While wrestling with an interior design project for a home in the Adirondack region, we were having some issues finding products that not only exemplified the design aesthetic, but were made of the quality materials our clients deserved. At the time, Shon and I discussed how, by spening our own store, we could obtain the furniture, lamps, rugs, and artwork we needed.” They soon solved the design project, but never lost the vision of a “mercantile (general store) of home furnishings, home goods and design”.

In December 2017, Parker and Coughlin realized their vision when they opened Adirondack 1892 offering interior design, furniture and residential and commercial furnishings from their charming, threestory showroom in Malone, New York. The business name is taken from the year when the Adirondack Blue Line was created through state legislation. “We were shocked to learn the name was still available,” disclosed Parker, “and we grabbed it.”

Not just a quality furniture store, Adirondack 1892 offers complete residential interior design, including in-home consultation, furniture and room layout, space planning, color coordination and fabric selection, harmonizing accessories, and custom drapery and blinds. All of these services can also be done for a commercial setting as well.

Known to be a center for furniture shopping in the North Country, how does Malone’s Adirondack 1892 differ from other furniture stores in the area? Design, and high-end quality furniture! With a ratio of 40% design (residential and commercial) to 60% retail sales (and even in choosing furniture there is a design element), Coughlin and Parker are bringing not only quality furniture to the North Country, but also providing excellent customer service.

The criteria of the choices of the brands they sell (five of the top ten brands current in the market—Hooker, Pendleton, Lexington, Sam Moore, and more—and many American made products) is based on the needs of their clientele, and/or he scope of the design that influences the use of specific pieces.

“We are always looking for that ‘wow’ factor for a client,” explained Parker. “In the showroom, we set up using a vignette style of design. This offers a visual experience for the clients’ inspiration for an entire package. For example, somebody may not understand how to put a style together, so using a vignette shows clients how to combine pieces.”

Adirondack 1892’s aesthetic varies from farmhouse to lake house, Adirondack to modern. Select pieces from local artists that fit well in their space and meet a high level of quality, such as Stephen Cobb (visual arts), Ken Fayette (woodwork), and Lucy Main are also showcased.

Originally from Malone, Coughlin has a BA in Music Education from the Crane School of Music. In addition to extensive experience in music education, he adds 21 years of experience with furnishing and interior design. Describing his role as the “business end” of the operation, Coughlin works in management and customer service, and is also known as the one who points people in the right direction. “This was an opportunity at a second career, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it,” he said as he attended to the myriad of details involved in the day-to-day running of Adirondack 1892. “I wear more than a few hats, so it keeps me going in many directions, but it’s a fun challenge and I’m learning a lot.”

Inspired by everyday life, and the people around him, Coughlin credited his many mentors who instilled the need to work hard, be honest and be fair. But, most importantly, the Golden Rule of treating others the way you would want to be treated is the sensibility Coughlin brings to his management style. “Work together as a team,” he advised. “Surround yourself with good people; remember that every customer is as important as the next.”

“My living space is earthy, minimalist and cozy,” said Chelsea Cash, Business Associate. “I love being surrounded by plants and books and worldly things. Since working at Adirondack 1892, I’ve been exposed to gorgeous designs and pieces, which have broadened my mind to what is possible to create.” The newest member of the team, Cash joined Adirondack 1892 in January 2021. Her educational background is a BA in French and Francophone Studies with a minor in Psychology from the College of Charleston, South Carolina.

Considering herself “a citizen of the world,” Cash grew up in a military family that moved frequently. “I like to say my hometown is Charleston. I spent several years there, albeit off and on. I graduated college there, and it’s where I enjoy my fondest memories.”

Cash, who had recently moved to Malone, connected with Coughlin and Parker through her grandmother. “She was on the hunt for a quality recliner and since she and Tim used to play music together, she insisted on shopping at Adirondack 1892. She called me the day of the visit, and said they were looking for a Business Associate. It was a perfect fit!”

Describing the work as “dynamic”, and Tim and Shon “great” to work for, Cash loves being exposed to awesome creativity and watching projects come to life. “I think for those who are curious about how to make a vision come to life, and how to see and create beauty anywhere they go, interior design is a fascinating and demanding field to explore,” she said. “I hope that the connections I am creating by working at Adirondack 1892 will continue to strengthen my relationship with the town.”.

“I come from a creative family so imagination came as a firestorm out of me,” explained Parker. “My father died when I was six. He liked to oil paint, so I get the passion to make art from him. I’m blessed that I have been given this talent for design to share with people.”

Growing up in Dothan, Alabama, Parker was interested in design at an early age. “I used to create dream homes with crayons and build with Legos. Of course, the scale was off, but it was a plan,” he disclosed. “I have always been fascinated with how furniture is put together. I design a lot of furniture for my clients’ homes, from drawings to finished products.”

When Parker finished his degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta, he worked for prestigious Baker Furniture. They set the trends for the year, and throughout his 20s, he designed showroom spaces and took care of their visual needs. “Each job I had in the past helped me develop skills I use in business today,” he explained. He formed Shon Parker Design with Coughlin in 2000.

Parker admits that when he started, his designs were clean and modern. Then they went to classical elements, then to transitional looks. In the early 2000s, he was exposed to the Adirondack look and was fascinated with how nature is integrated into the interior.

“Today, I mix all those styles together,” explained Parker. “It’s like that classic blue jean with a formal jacket along with worn leather belt and shoe. It’s all about the mix and what plays off each other. Some things are crusty and elegant, or sleek and modern. All is relevant and has a purpose in the space.”

Parker and Coughlin are understandably proud of their flagship store where people can touch and feel what they create at Adirondack 1892. They are eager to show people that living can be much more than basic. They have a mix of clients, from those who need an entire house designed, to the client who is looking for a specific piece of furniture, they can serve their needs.

Adirondack 1892
391 West Main Street
Malone, NY 12953
(518) 319-4092