February 2016

I read an interesting article recently that explored the idea of wellness. Let me summarize it for you. Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth. There are eight dimensions of wellness:
Occupational: You enjoy what you do and recognize that it makes a contribution to your world.
Emotional: You understand your feelings and control stress.
Spiritual: You develop values that give your life purpose.
Environmental: You recognize a balance between the environment and your life.
Financial: You manage your finances.
Physical: You maintain a healthy body.
Social: You develop a support network.
Intellectual: You are open to new ideas.
In this issue of Strictly Business we take a look at a number of North Country wellness service providers including:

Mark Lukens who has assumed the leadership role at Behavioral Health Services North, an agency that offers programs that help with emotional, social and occupational health.

Mark and Lee Anne Lawrence whose beautiful property at 260 Lake Street in Rouses Point provides something new to the area – luxury living for seniors.
Gordon Davis, of Adirondack Periodontics, who provides the latest in dental care and Jon Beach and Kris Ambler who are the type of general medical practitioners the North Country is lucky to have.

Kerry Haley, Executive Director of The Foundation of CVPH, who leads the effort to provide special funds that can make difficult medical situations for North Country people more bearable.

Peter Trout, the driving force behind the area’s efforts to deal with mental health and addiction needs. Lindamarie Hill of Trinity Point Holistic who is here if you are looking for stress reduction and relaxation techniques.
And lastly don’t miss SB’s conversation with Joanne Dahlen, Director of Marketing and Business Development for The Development Corp and fly fisher extraordinaire.

It is critical for each of us to find our right path to wellness. By doing so we will better control stress, reduce our risk of illness and enhance our relationships. And that’s good for business.