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April Bingel, First Vice President-Investment Officer Wells Fargo Advisors

When choosing a Financial Advisor what are the advantages of dealing with a large firm vs. and independent service provider?
There is value to working with a financial advisor through the various models. I believe what sets me apart is the unique structure that combines the capabilities of a large national firm coupled with a dedicated local Financial Advisor.

What is your average client looking for: investments, retirement advice, insurance products, estate planning, education, risk analysis, other?
All of the above. No one client is the same and their needs and goals change over time. We provide customized advice to help our clients achieve their goals through investment strategies, in-depth analysis of their investments and feedback on their progress. This requires listening and understanding client needs which can often lead to assisting them with clarification of goals while always taking their money and investments seriously.

How have changes in technology and consumer expectations impacted your industry?
This question reminds me of the saying, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Technology has offered many advancements in financial services and we can stay connected with clients in multiple ways and offer protection planning strategies for a variety of investment strategies to address our clients’ needs. The client relationship remains front and center and that is something that remains the same and will always be the focal point of our business. The value of the conversation starts the process that I believe can help lead to successful client outcomes.

What do you view as your greatest challenge/opportunity going forward?
The greatest challenge for me personally is work/life balance. I truly enjoy what I do and could spend most waking hours at the office but self-care, family and friendships all deserve their seat at the table. I am always striving to learn systems and processes that work towards that balance. I have a tremendous opportunity to grow the practice but we are very mindful in that process. As we continue to receive inquiries from individuals and businesses seeking financial advice, we take the time to listen and ensure working with a dedicated financial advisor like myself is the best solution. Wells Fargo Advisors offers several different levels of services to complement a range of financial situations and we want to ensure clients receive the most appropriate fit for their investment needs.

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