January 2020

It was our 30th Strictly Business Forum and we wanted to do something a little different. But what?

And then it hit us. Why not invite some of the participants from our first Forum, as well as some of the people who brainstormed with us when we first conceived the idea of a North Country business magazine? I picked up the phone and am pleased to report that everyone I called gave me an enthusiastic “Yes”.

Hope Coryer, Rod Giltz, Art LeFevre, Dave Merkel, Bill Owens, Chuck Racette, and Bob Smith were each positioned at their own Forum table. Their job was to offer an historic perspective to the discussions.

The inspiration to blend the generations turned out to be a great idea. Hope pointed out that minimum wage was $3.10/hour and unemployment was 10.8% in 1990.  Art LeFevre talked about the transitions  brought on by the completion of the Northway (I-87) and the loss of PAFB.  Chuck Racette and Bob Smith reminisced about changes in the Route 3 corridor.

It was an amazing morning. Good friends, good conversation and good food. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Now it is time to focus on 2020. Mary, Mike, Betsy and I send each and every one of you our very best wishes for a new year filled  with success, happiness and prosperity