Jordan LaDue- Resourceful, Determined, Approachable


Hometown: Chazy, NY

Age: 29

Education: Associate Degree in Criminal Justice, Clinton Community College

Community Involvement: United Way, Sacred Heart Church, Walk and Run Fundraisers: Strides for James and Walk of Hope

Jordan LaDue began his work life as a member of the maintenance staff at the Miner Institute in Chazy. With dozens of buildings, some of them built more than 100 years ago, as well as 8,600 acres of agricultural lands and forest, the need for repairs and maintenance never ended. It was hard work but he enjoyed it. The satisfaction of a job well done at the end of the day was important to him.

Time passed and Jordan began to think about his future. A secure job in criminal justice seemed like a good choice. He attended Clinton Community College, earned his degree and took a job in a federal prison here in the North Country. The job offered clearly defined steps based on tenure, just what Jordan wanted. Or did he? “Over time I began to miss the satisfaction of having completed a project or seeing a finished product I had put time and labor into,” he explained. That was when Jordan took the biggest risk of his life, leaving a career path that offered certainty for an industry that was unfamiliar to him. “But I’m glad I did!” he exclaimed. “If I had not taken the risk I would not be where I am today.”

When asked about his time outside of work Jordan was quick to explain he has been into motorcycles, snowmobiles, on-road/off-road vehicles since he was a boy and it’s a family affair when his wife Nykole joins him.

What’s the single most important characteristic for success?

Having a desire to set goals and to work towards achieving them creates a smoother path for success.

What’s your biggest professional success?

So far, in my four-and-a-half-year career at Plattco, I would have to say my biggest professional success would be working my way through the different positions I’ve held there. I started out as a production worker and later went on to becoming a coordinator in our production department. I then became a Process Control Technician and now I am in my current position as Foundry Supervisor. Through first- hand experience, I’ve learned different aspects of our company and have gained invaluable knowledge along the way. These transitions allowed me to learn many phases of the production process, from raw material preparation to preparing finished products for shipment.

How do you maintain a work/life balance?

I find a balance between work and life outside of the job is not difficult to achieve because I dedicate my time and attention to the job when at work. I set clear goals for the day and/or week. This allows me to leave work knowing that I have given 100% and then focus on my family when I am at home. I have a wonderful wife who is always there for me and my two-year-old son is always waiting in the window to greet me when I get home.

What important lesson have you learned in your career?

Always stay optimistic. Living life with an optimistic mindset assures that whatever life hands you, you’re going to be happier, more satisfied, and better able to manage challenges. A good portion of the time your expectations can dictate your outcomes. People who have high expectations usually rise to meet them.

What’s the most exciting trend happening in your community right now?

I would have to say the most exciting trend in our community is the growth of local businesses. From restaurants like The Happy Pike and Hobbie’s Sports Bar, to craft breweries like Valcour Brewing Company and Oval Craft Brewing, to fabrication shops like Modern Mechanical and Aero Precision and the many other local businesses that continue to grow in our community. Although Plattco is an employee owned corporation, during my time here it has always felt like family. Small mom and pop businesses and corporations like Plattco that value employees are essential to fostering growth in the North Country.

What can the North Country do to make this region more appealing to a younger generation?

As a North Country native, I believe the area has a lot to offer, including great restaurants, camping areas, ski resorts, funded ATV and snowmobile trails, sporting events, the school systems, colleges, career and technical education programs, internships, and much more. There is definitely something for everyone to enjoy during our four seasons.

Write a note to your younger self…

Try not to sweat the little things in life and don’t worry about what you can’t control. Everything will happen the way it’s supposed to.