June 2018

In 2012 when we produced our first Strictly Business issue focusing on up and coming community leaders we were pleased at the enthusiastic feedback. The issue was so well received we decided to make it an annual topic.

Each year we invite members of the business community to nominate young professionals who are making a mark on their business or industry. Suggestions come from companies, agencies and non-profits large and small. This year’s group ranges in age from 19 to 43; 55% are North Country natives. They include several managers, a children’s librarian, a Director of Adult Housing, a PR and Marketing coordinator, a health care program director, an insurance sales executive, a veterinarian, a music curator, a banker, a teacher and a professor, a maple sugar producer, the Franklin Country Economic Development director, brothers who are driving the growth of an international industrial supplier, and Assemblyman Billy Jones’ Chief of Staff.

And now it is time for this year’s great reveal. We invite you to review the profiles of our 2018 Future Cast. We believe you will find inspiration in the stories of these young people.

This new generation of business and civic leaders is talented, dedicated and they are making the North Country a better place to live and work. They are eager to become our leaders of tomorrow and that’s good for business.