March 2016

Women aren’t police officers or surgeons, and men aren’t nurses or hairdressers. That was the thinking of my generation, but times have changed.
We’d like to believe that career decisions today are based on skills and interests, not on gender, but we know altering stereotypes can take a long time.

In this issue of Strictly Business we celebrate men and women who have ignored the ways of yesterday and embraced “The New Normal”. Make sure to read each profile of these amazing people.

Our cover article features two sisters, Rhonda Barber and Carrie LaDuke, who grew up in a family busi- ness. Since taking over from their father they’ve made significant changes and have made X-Plo their own.

Julie Huttig is completely at home in the automotive business after decades in car and parts sales first in Elizabethtown and now in Plattsburgh at Huttig Nissan and a new NAPA store about to open.

When I was Chief of Police in Plattsburgh we had no female sworn officers. Today there are several and about to be one more. Christine Labombard is following her family’s tradition to protect and serve.

Jeff Norton offers an interesting perspective about the importance of male role models in elementary schools at a time when so many children are growing up without the day-to-day presence of a male figure.

Dr. Gretchen Ryder is also following a family tradition started by her father. As the co-owner of The Spectacle Shoppe, she is living her dream and practicing her profession in the area she loves.

You’ll find Dr. Elena Boland’s perspective on gender neutral careers, influenced by her early years in Europe, eye opening.

While Kari Tuling is the sixth female rabbi to serve the Plattsburgh congregation, she is still a trailblazer in a traditional vocation.
Dentists and good friends, Drs. Chi Vu and Martha Breyette of Lakeview Dentistry add a touch of humor as they reminisce about atti- tudes they experienced as they began their professional careers.

Andrew James of ONE Med Spa is a great example of what hard work and passion can do for your career path.

When Wyeth and then Pfizer left Rouses Point Mike Recore moved on to new opportunities. Now as an administrator at UVM/CVPH he is building a new career and looking forward to new opportunities.

George Munson and Steve Bailey may be surrounded by women hairdressers all day, but each has held his own and built an amazing reputation.

Also in this issue you will find our Insight feature, introducing the new Dean of SUNY Plattsburgh’s School of Business & Economics, Dr. Rowena Ortiz-Walters. You will find her path to success inspirational.

SUNY professor Dr. Robert Christopherson & attorney Jim Coffey offer part one of their three part analysis of municipal reliance on property taxes. Food for thought!!

And lastly, words of wisdom from Garry Douglas of the North Country Chamber of Commerce. Onward and Upward!!

This issue of SB offers a look at just a few of the interesting people in our area who are proving that traditional gender roles are fading. When careers and job training opportunities are open to everyone with an interest and a willingness to work hard and learn we will be stronger, and that will be good for business.