March 2019

The world has changed dramatically since the technology revolution arrived in the late 1970s. Today, it is difficult to imagine our lives without computers, smart phones, apps, online shopping, and many of the other conveniences made possible by the men and women working in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) occupations.

While it is clear that tomorrow’s most in-demand careers will require STEM education, it is also clear that too few students are entering those rigorous programs of study. If we are going to be competitive in the global economy, a significant and rapid increase in educated and skilled workers in STEM fields is needed.

In this issue of Strictly Business we bring you the stories of a vari- ety of North Country residents who have found their passion in STEM careers. They are enthusiastic about their choices and eager to share their stories with you.

SB is proud to introduce:

Lisabeth Kissner, Director of the Northcountry Planetarium at SUNY Plattsburgh

Amy Davies, Environmental Analyst, Cassella Waste Management

Jeff LeRoy, Manager, Jeffords Steel & Engineering

Judy Lemza, Project Management Professional, Twinstate Technologies

Laura Klaiber, Research Scientist, Miner Institute

Tom Houle, New York State Police, Investigator, Collision Reconstruction Unit

Also, in this issue you will learn about what the Plattsburgh City School District is doing to enhance STEM learning and you will meet two of the teachers who are the driving force behind new initiatives.

And then there is our Insight feature with Dr. John Ettling who will retire in July after 15 years at president of SUNY Plattsburgh. Don’t miss our farewell salute to John.

Garry Douglas wraps up this issue of Strictly Business with news about a change in the Regional Economic Development Council leadership.

STEM jobs are economic drivers and they pay well. Jobs requiring STEM skills are available in companies large and small all across the U.S. and around the world. Encouraging North Country young people to embrace the opportunities inherent in these careers and find their passion will be good for their future and ours… and that’s good for business.