Meghan Weeden


Recently awarded the 2020 Plattsburgh Noon Rotary’s Rising Star Award, Meghan Weeden has been making a difference in the Plattsburgh community and the North Country region for most of her life. She is a self-proclaimed “give-a-sh*t” person who has an unequivocal respect for others (especially seasoned leaders) and a “get- it-done” mentality. These characteristics provide her with a foundation that makes it all look easy! There are few people Weeden’s age who have worked harder to get involved, take on responsibility and be part of the solution.

Current Business & Job Title: Territory Manager at Casella
Hometown: Plattsburgh, NY
Age: 25
Education: BS in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management from SUNY Plattsburgh
Community Involvement: Adirondack Young Professionals, Plattsburgh Noon Rotary, City of Plattsburgh Zoning Board of Appeals, Board of Directors at Friends of the North Country, United Way Allocations Committee Member, Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan Committee Member

What important lesson have you learned in your career?
My boss, Bill, quite literally teaches me something daily. Sometimes it’s about garbage, but more often it is about understanding people, highlighting their strengths, providing positive reinforcement in working on their weaknesses, balancing personalities, organization, and (I can’t stress this enough) patience. When I find myself in a stressful situation, I think “What would Bill Meyers do?”.

What can the North Country do to make this region more appealing to a younger generation?
I think ADKYP plays an important role in introducing young people to one another. Also having affordable events and attractions for single people and young families would certainly give people a good quality of life here.

What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?
I am not a huge risk taker but once I set my sights on something, it becomes my everything. I purchased my own home at 23 and I am really proud of that.

How has COVID-19 impacted you professionally and personally? What are you doing differently?
Professionally, my day-to-day job duties have shifted slightly, not in what they are but the way I go about them. Personally, COVID has made me a little stir-crazy but I have also learned to appreciate a night with nothing on my calendar.

What’s your dream job?
Flipping houses with my Dad.

What is something that no one would guess about you?
I tend to be an open book, no big surprises over here.

Write a note to your younger self…
Live and learn. Everything is a lesson when you are on the other side of it, good or bad. Oh, and don’t ever get bangs. EVER.