A New Generation of Connection

“Where things move is where prosperity occurs.” That’s our eco CONNECTION – nomic development mantra and most fundamental belief at the Chamber. And it is why we have been so engaged over the last 20 years in such projects and initiatives as border facilities, rail enhancements, broadband access and, of course, the continuing development of Plattsburgh International Airport. And it’s why the North Country needs to fully embrace the recent historic launch of United Express service to Dulles Washington.

This level of service has been a key aim since the early days of air service development, looking to eventually attract a major airline brand with jet service to a major hub appropriate for connectivity nationally and internationally. The initial attraction of low cost carriers serving vacation destinations provided proof of the size of this market and especially our ability to become ensconced as a secondary airport for Montreal: “MONTREAL’S U.S. AIRPORT”.

More than 100 major employers and institutions across the region, stretching all the way to partners such as Clarkson and St. Lawrence universities in St. Lawrence County, have come together to help secure and now support United Express here as a carrier network with global reach and interline connections with all the other major carriers, therefore conducive to business and other travel beyond the initial hub.

It means regional employers now have more proximate access for business travel, for employees to suppliers and customers.

It means the region’s universities and research institutions have similar accessibility for faculty, employees, students, researchers and families.

It means our region’s tourism economy, especially Lake Placid and the Adirondacks, at last has major airline access upon which to build and attract visitors from anywhere.

It means we can more effectively compete for and then support major events, including international sports competitions such as the upcoming Children’s Olympics and then the World University Games, among many others. And make no mistake, the promised availability of this United Express service via Dulles was a part of winning upcoming events for the North Country.

It means we can boost our economic development efforts, allowing prospects who visit us as a potential site to fly via United Express right into Plattsburgh from wherever in the world they are coming.

This new service has the capacity to truly change our area’s place in the economic world. Now the region must embrace the service and make maximum use of it. And help us spread the word to networks both in and outside the North Country about the availability of this new way to reach our region from elsewhere and to reach elsewhere from our region.

To check the current schedules and book flights, visit www. flyplattsburgh.com. And for more information on how your business or institution might help to promote and build this service, contact Kristy Kennedy, our V.P. for Marketing, here at the North Country Chamber. And thank you to all of our Chamber members who have helped to attract air service to Plattsburgh, including providing more than $300,000 in direct contributions for incentive marketing commitments—more than $100,000 just recently.