November 2018

Our topic for this issue of Strictly Business, Paradigm Shifts, offers us an opportunity to present the stories of businesses and not-for-profits that have made major changes in their business models over time.

Our cover feature, St. Joseph’s Addiction Treatment & Recovery Centers based in Saranac Lake, brings you an eye-opening look at this amazing agency that has been quietly growing in our own backyard since the early 1950’s. Its reach and the scope of its services has evolved as the need for addiction treatment has increased. Karen Bouvier’s insightful article is an amazing inside look at St. Joe’s operation.

Change is never easy and the idea of combining Seton Academy and Seton Catholic and doing it in less than three months and under budget is an amazing accomplishment. Hats off to the administration, faculty, staff, and parents who made it happen.

Home brewing beer is a popular hobby but in this issue of SB you will meet a couple who has taken their hobby and turned it into a successful business. Carol Polhemus and Tom Morley have joined a growing community of beer brewers in the area, making beer and serving up tasty fare in downtown Plattsburgh.

The Alliance for Positive Health is committed to helping those who struggle chronic illness, addiction and intravenous drug use. The agency’s Regional Director, Diana Aguglia, and staff offer help without judging people. Her view of their clients and her commitment to them is inspirational. The North Country needs the services offered at AFPH.

The area’s traveling public received great news this summer when SkyWest Airlines, in conjunction with United Express, took over as the region’s Essential Air Service Carrier. Now flying anywhere in the country and the world can be accomplished from Plattsburgh International Airport. Make sure to check out flights at

And then we offer this month’s Insight feature with George Barnett Sr. At a time when the internet was changing the travel industry, George developed a new way to achieve success at Touraid Travel. Don’t miss his story.

New York State’s new law requiring employers to develop a pol- icy and provide training against sexual harassment has created a need for information about how to proceed. You will find information about the topic in this issue.

As always Garry Douglas provides the wrap up for this issue of SB. His observations about the NAFTA redo, the problems leading up to it and his hopes for its future are critically important to all of us in business. The success of this area is so closely tied to Canada that what happens with trade has a ripple effect for all of us. The Chamber’s work to tie our two countries ever closer never stops… and that’s good for business.