Where Are They Now? Lee Ann Pray

Manager Human Resources, Safety and Special Projects at Plattco Corp.

When we caught up with Lee Ann Pray she too had recently transitioned to a new position. Lee Ann was part of the team at Swarovski Lighting when we featured her in SB in 2012, but after learning about the Plattco Corporation culture she was intrigued. Plattco’s president and CEO Doug Crozier was awarded the Chamber of Commerce 2018 Business Person of the Year award for the work he did to take the struggling company and help it thrive. “He established a culture focused on community and leadership,” Lee Ann explained. “His advice was, ‘Treat every employee the way you would want them to treat your best customer.’”

Sadly, Lee Ann worked under Doug’s leadership for only a short time. He passed away suddenly earlier this spring. “The Strictly Business interview Doug did just before his death was a roadmap for the company,” she explained. “It was something he left us so we would know how to grow. He would be so proud of how we’ve come together.”

Lee Ann is enjoying the challenges of her new position. “It enables me to focus on what I really enjoy — helping people,” she emphasized.

In her personal life, Lee Ann enjoys the Adirondacks where she was born and raised. She and her husband serve as Cub Scout leaders for their 10 and 12-year-old sons. Additionally, Lee Ann serves on the CV Tech Advisory Council, SUNY Plattsburgh Dean’s Advisory Council, CCC Foundation Board, the Chamber of Commerce Board, Clinton County Workforce Investment Board, and the Elks Lodge. She considers her volunteer work an investment in the future of the area’s manufacturing industry. We look forward to following Lee Ann’s continued successes in the North Country.