Each year we devote an issue of Strictly Business to young people who are having an impact on our business community. To select our honorees, we talk to key leaders in a variety of industries and not-for-profits in Clinton, Essex and Franklin Counties and we invite past honorees to offer their suggestions.

This year’s group is an interesting mix. We have a teacher/artist, a business development representative, a yoga center co-owner, a sales manager, a director of marketing, a territory manager, a financial services representative, a GIS specialist, the Clinton County Personnel Director, a sales consultant, a business owner, a development manager, a charter captain/licensed guide, a federal Probation Services tech, and a business counselor. That’s an impressive list!

In addition to our profiles, this issue offers a feature article about two North Country natives who went away to college and dental school and then came home to build their careers. Colleen Lacombe Senecal, who grew up in Peru and attended dental school in Buffalo, met Chris Goodell, a Plattsburgh High grad when he interviewed at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. After looking at several programs Goodell chose Harvard School of Dental Medicine for his training. Although their education took them in different directions, both specialized in pediatric dentistry. After they finished their residencies and started practicing, a mutual friend connected them. You can read more about Senecal, Goodell and Lakeshore Pediatric Dentistry beginning on page 16.

We are pleased to recognize each and every one of these individuals for their ambition and their personal and professional achievements. All have a desire to make things happen and they are doing it right here in the North Country.

…and that’s good for business.