Rise and Shine You Two

On developing her skills and client base and opening her own shop, Randi said, “I always wanted to do this, but I didn’t think I would do it this soon! It was such a scary move. But after years of encouragement from family, friends. and clients I decided to make the move. My current landlord, who followed me from salon to salon for years, encouraged me to open my own place. He bought this building in June 2015, with me in mind, and we opened in October 2015,” she explained.

“Everything came together with this location,” added Adam. “Once the ball was in motion, it was unstoppable. Randi’s skill set is incomparable and she had a loyal clientele. We worked together to renovate and furnish the salon so she can offer a full range of services in a comfort- able and elegant setting.”

Although the original building was intended as a residential log cabin, the Waltons, do-it-yourselfers, have balanced the wood interior with glittering chandeliers, leather chairs and metallic accents. They reupholstered furniture, painted the walls, installed state-of-the-art equipment, and created private spaces for clients to relax. Randi, who employs three stylists, offers haircuts and color, tanning, facials (including micro-dermabrasion) pedicures/manicures, massages, nails, makeup, body waxing, and eyelash extensions. An esthetician and massage therapists work on a contract basis.

“I have an extensive art background, I can look at something and create it,” said Randi. “Adam is great at building. We find one-of-a-kind objects and update them turning them into something that is beautifully functional and aesthetically pleasing.”

Adam, originally trained as an optician, worked in the eye care industry for 10 years. “I realized I wasn’t passionate about it,” he disclosed. “I really wanted to get into the Honda dealership. Honda is a great product.” Encouraged by a friend, he applied at Della and was hired for an upcoming sale. “I jumped right in and even sold a couple of cars,” Adam said. Currently the service manager for Della Honda, Adam is responsible for the budget, marketing plan, and the training of technicians in the busy Service Department. In this role, he must ensure high-quality vehicle maintenance and repair while controlling costs, building a clientele, maintaining good employee relations, meeting sales objectives, and maintaining service records. Most importantly, all activities must strictly adhere to federal and state regulations as well as up-to-date OSHA and warranty regulations.

“There is a lot of opportunity to grow with Della Toyota,” said Adam. “They really take care of their own. I would love to work my way into upper-level management, perhaps be the General Manager of my own store. I know I will be judged by my ability to lead a group of people toward success while they achieve their best. My people are my asset.”

Echoing that sentiment, Randi invests in the education of her staff, and encourages them to take advantage of training classes, workshops and other opportunities to build their skills and learn new techniques. “The younger generation wants more hair color and makeup,” said Randi. “They are also health conscious and take advantage of our spray tanning booth. We need to keep ahead of the trends and anticipate what our clients of all ages, will ask for.”

This ambitious couple shares one day off a week and, with three children (ages 16, 13, and 9), they spend much time together at school functions. “We have to plan in advance for family weddings and reunions,” said Randi. “My youngest daughter likes to spend Saturdays working in the salon with me.” To stay involved in their children’s lives, Adam coaches the older children’s sports and the salon sponsored a team last year. Randi does the hair and makeup for the school plays.

Both Adam and Randi have people in their lives they use as a sounding board. Adam credited his parents with being his first mentors. “They instilled a good work ethic in me. I learned that it wasn’t going to be given to me—I had to earn it. Take pride in what you’re doing.” The Waltons agreed that an important lesson is to “be flexible. Adjust to daily challenges. Approach every day with a plan, but don’t be married to it. Be ready to change it as situations arise.”

If she were to give a note to her younger self, Randi said she would tell herself to “be assertive.” Adam said he would tell himself to “be patient. I wouldn’t change any of the key points in my life. There’s nowhere I’d rather be.”