The Give Back Club

Kiwanis Club

Members of the Kiwanis Club are driven by a desire to help children in the North Country, providing everything from baby formula to child-sized paramedic kits to support for youth and parents. The club’s current treasurer, Nancy Church, explained the group’s impact, “There would be quite a void in the area if we didn’t do what we do.”

While coin drives have been a way for Kiwanis to raise funds in the past, the pandemic has made that effort difficult; however, the club hopes to return to the streets soon. In 2019, around $4,500 was raised from coin drives, money that was used to buy camper scholarships for children of military families at Camp Jericho, the local YMCA’s summer camp in Altona. This year Kiwanis will present a $3,000 check to the Y to purchase a dock that will allow campers easier access to Lake Kiwanis, another successful club project of years ago.

JCEO’s Backpack Program, North Country Mission of Hope, Red Cross, and Plattsburgh Interfaith Food Shelf are other recipients of the Kiwanis Clubs’ generous donations.