Some 25 years ago, as we set about morphing the Plattsburgh & Clinton County Chamber into a new regional entity for the North Country, we created a new logo. Stressing water and mountains, it was comfortable as an expression of our geography and even of our long-time engagement in tourism marketing. It came at a time when we were doing only a fraction of what we do today in terms of economic and workforce development, support for manufacturing, government affairs, and our leadership role in Quebec-U.S. relations. And it was before we created the Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau within the Chamber with its own attractive logo for use in tourism related endeavors. And before we created NAmTrans with its detailed work in support of the region’s Transportation Equipment and Aerospace Cluster. And before much else which defines us today as a much broader, different and more strategic organization in 2021 than in the 1990’s.

And so, the time has come to update our logo and look and we are doing just that as of March 1st. We believe our new logo, modeled on an “element” of the periodic table, better represents the breadth and depth of what can be termed a “power organization”, with the R then denoting the “Power of Region” while the graphic arrow provides a nod to our mountains while also committing us to the support of regional business through all ups and downs. It fits all that we now do in a conceptual way.

As a symbol which will be used in a wide range of ways in the years ahead, we see the new logo also lending itself graphically to ready adjustments in support of overall messaging. For example, it can easily be shown with a “P” for the “Power of Partnership” or an “E” for the “Power of Enterprise”. The possibilities are limitless as appropriate, while the default will always be the “R” for region. And our separate logos for the Adirondack Coast, NAmTrans and the Quebec-New York Corridor will continue to represent those special missions within the Chamber.

And while you will start seeing the routine use of this new branding, you will also see a substantial update to printed and on-line newsletters, including the monthly Vision which is now “NEED TO KNOW” — conveying the Chamber’s commitment to use its newsletter and other communications to provide the regional business community with the information and news it “needs to know”.

Though we have been anticipating doing such an update for some time now, we believe there is actually no better time than this challenging period we are all continuing to work through to engage in some “renewal” and positive adjustment. So, let the rebranding and fresh looks begin!


Garry Douglas is president of the North Country Chamber of Commerce.