What a Ride!

Paul and Corinna Maggy met at his bike shop in Flagstaff, Arizona more than twenty years ago. Corinna was from New Jersey; Paul was from the North Country. He repaired her bike and since then they have been on the ride of their lives.

Corinna had just finished her degree in Fine Arts and Metal Smithing at Northern Arizona University. Paul had wrapped up his bike racing career and the shop was his first retail venture. When he and Corinna decided to start their join adventure in life they came back to the North Country, opening their first shop — Mountain Riders — on City Hall Place in downtown Plattsburgh. The Maggys became involved in mountain biking and the larger outdoor enthusiast community here in the Adirondacks. Paul developed a reputation as a mountain bike mechanic with a special skill in custom builds. Corinna showcased her skills as a personal trainer.

And then in “roll with it” fashion, the Maggys made the decision to relocate to the Tampa area. Their girls, Madelyn and Sierra, were finishing second grade when the family left the North Country and was off on its next adventure. They took the Gulf Coast of Florida by storm, opening two bike shops — King Cycles and Cycle Therapy — in six plus years but they always knew they wanted to come back to the area.

In December of 2019, negotiations began for a business opportunity that would enable them to transition home. They seized the opportunity, closed their businesses, sold their house and left Florida in March of 2020. They were the new owners of Maui North on Durkee Street in Plattsburgh, just two blocks from their original shop. “We were prepared for this,” shared an enthusiastic Corinna. “We had done this before. We knew the market and the space and we were excited to make it our own. And then COVID happened.”

The pandemic had a crippling impact on the Maggys supply chain. “We couldn’t get tires, tubes, brakes, and forget about bikes,” Corinna recalled. When Paul couldn’t find what he needed from suppliers, he went into the shop and made the necessary parts. “It’s pretty incredible what he can do. He really is a problem solver,” she emphasized.

The couple also set to work clearing out the location’s entrance level and repurposing the other three stories so each area has a more open feel. “Our plan is to carry the clothing that supports mountain living and to offer more exclusive brands that wouldn’t be available locally otherwise,” Paul said.

When Sierra and Madelyn are not in school, the twins can be found helping out around the shop. They enjoy mountain biking and are looking forward to hitting the slopes this winter and they are not the only ones. After the first snowfall in early November Maui’s ski gear rental business took off. Families are looking to get out and enjoy the area and the Maggys are happy to oblige. “We want people to be outside enjoying everything like we do,” Paul emphasized. “Nothing beats grabbing our bikes and hitting the trails and remembering why it’s all worth it. Why we do what we do,” Paul concluded.

Maui North
31 Durkee Street
Plattsburgh, NY 12901