The Z Group: Innovative. Connected. Attentive.


What do you get when you mix expert carpentry, passionate service, gumption, and a real estate broker’s license? The result is The Z Group Real Estate, a new firm established by Zachary Latinville in early 2018.

Real estate isn’t a new endeavor for Latinville, the business runs in his family. “I had my license in the early 2000’s but let it lapse,” he explained. “For some time, I was in corporate communications. I was a traveling sales rep. I covered four states so it was a lot of windshield time. It just wore me out.”

After leaving the communications industry, Latinville found himself “slinging some fine Manhattans and Martinis” while bartending at Latitude 44 Bistro in Plattsburgh and taking great pride in the quality of his work there. Around that time, he launched Rustic Designs by Z, a high-end woodworking venture that crafted unique pieces of furniture and décor, but the idea of real estate never left him.


While he was hopping between projects, Latinville considered getting back into real estate and his wife, Maria, encouraged him to give it another try. This time he could do things his own way by adding his personal touch to the industry. “So, I got my license back,” the serial entrepreneur offered. “At first, I didn’t dedicate 100% of my time and effort to it, but I certainly enjoyed it.” But before he knew it, he was spending more and more time working in real estate. “As I got further and further in, I realized this was something I wanted to do.” With Maria’s support and encouragement, he decided there was no better time to go for it. “So I went all in,” Latinville said. “I worked with my father for a little bit and was able to establish myself. I am extremely grateful to him for giving me the space to get started. Then on January first of this year The Z Group was born.”


Getting back into the real estate industry was step one for Latinville. Step two was identifying a way to differentiate himself, which is a tall task in a region with so many highly respected firms.

The Z Group seeks to create an environment that is inviting, comfortable and private, where clients can truly explore what the market has available. “When you buy or sell a house with us, we’ve partnered with a moving company that can assist with the process and handle the heavy lifting,” said Latinville. “We also have a construction crew ready so that if you want do a bathroom or kitchen upgrade, we can do it for you. There’s a lot going on when you buy a house. The last thing we want is to have you stress over anything. If you want to have it done, we’ll just do it. It’s easier.”


Latinville is also working to give buyers the opportunity to “visit” and tour a potential property right from the convenience of a mobile device. A few years ago, he witnessed a friend performing some drone work and it triggered an idea. “I knew I wanted to be able to sell a home without just taking pictures,” he said. “We offer a bird’s eye view, showing you exactly what your tax map area is, what the outside looks like, what the driveway looks like,” said Latinville. “Then, we do a video tour, just walking in the front door, room to room, bedroom to bedroom.” This allows a potential buyer to gain an understanding of the space and flow of a home without leaving their couch. “We want to tease the layout just enough to inspire you to see it in person and touch and feel where you’re at.”


The Z Group focuses on residential, commercial, and income/investment properties across Clinton, Franklin, Essex, and Hamilton Counties. “Residential is really what we’re known for,” said Latinville, “but we have done work in the commercial and investment segments as well.” Latinville is excited to have added Lindsay Boulerice to the Z team. Boulerice has successful experience with first-time home buyers, and the sale of condos, waterfront and investment properties. To further expand the firm, he is looking to identify more like-minded, entrepreneurial individuals in the coming year. In particular, he is looking to strategically build a team that is engaging, innovative, and not afraid to take risks.

According to Latinville, The Z Group is finding success by fostering strong relationships, leveraging technology and providing added services for those who need them. “We are trying to set ourselves above the rest. Our drone work is an example of that. We are going to actively market and sell your home,” he emphasized. “We take that very personally. It never gets old to be able to pick up the phone and say, ‘Hey, you just bought your first house’.”